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May 24th 2023

TMS/EEG research webinar

MagVenture will host a new webinar on June 13th at 4pm together with Sync2brain and Brain Products. This webinar will give TMS researchers an advanced TMS/EEG solution for their brain-state dependent research.

Join in as MagVenture, Sync2brain and Brain Products present an optimal combination of the highest quality research devices.

Introduction to TMS and EEG approaches
– Dr. Claus Mathiesen, MagVenture

Scientific importance and current research studies
– Dr. Christoph Zrenner, Sync2brain

Solutions for real-time EEG-triggered brain-state dependent research
– Dr. Sara Pizzamigio, Brain Products

Technical demonstration of the bossdevice
– Dr. Umair Hassan, Sync2brain

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