Safety information

Magnetic stimulation is considered a safe procedure with the most common side effects being relatively mild and transient. The most important safety information is provided below. Please consult the User Guides or your doctor for additional safety information.

Side effects – cortical stimulation (stimulation on the head)

Minor scalp pain, headache and burning sensation in the area of stimulation are the most commonly reported side effects during and after TMS treatment. However, these side effects are transient and will usually resolve immediately or within the first week of therapy. In rare cases seizures may occur, but the risk is very low (less than 0.1% per patient) when treatment is performed according to the safety recommendations for TMS therapy. (Reference: Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs))

Side effects – peripheral stimulation (stimulation on the body)

Minor pain and tingling at the stimulation site are the only known side effects of stimulation outside the cortical area.


The MagVenture TMS Therapy system creates a magnetic field that could cause metal objects near the stimulation coil to move or get hot. Patients with non–removable magnetic-sensitive metals or metallic devices implanted in their head or in body parts near the stimulation coil could experience side effects from the treatment and should not receive therapy with the MagVenture TMS Therapy system.

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