why tms?

A treatment option for depression and OCD

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a clinically proven and FDA-cleared treatment for depression and OCD. TMS works by sending short magnetic pulses to target the affected area of the brain – stimulating and activating neural pathways so that the inactive signals begin firing and working again.


How TMS works

TMS treatment strengthens neural pathways in the brain that influence thoughts, emotions and behaviors. TMS is FDA cleared for treating depression and OCD.
When experiencing a mental health condition or a mood disorder the brain’s ability to regulate emotions may not function at full capacity. This can result in signals along the neural pathways that normally regulate mood, emotions and/or thoughts not working properly.
TMS treatment works by sending short magnetic pulses to exactly the areas of the brain that you want to treat – stimulating and activating neural pathways and restoring the emotional control center.
TMS is non-invasive and well tolerated by the vast majority of patients. The person receiving TMS is awake during the treatment and can return to normal activities immediately after (no medication or anesthesia is required).
Treatment time can range from five minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of therapy. A typical course of treatment is approximately 6 weeks.
TMS therapy may offer an alternative treatment option for patients who do not respond well to medication or are unable to tolerate it. Studies suggest that combining TMS therapy with counseling or psychotherapy may lead to improved outcomes.

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TMS is one of the fastest growing treatments in the field of mental health. Due to its high efficacy, many psychiatrists and health care professionals are setting up TMS clinics to offer an additional form of treatment for patients who experience treatment resistant depression (MDD) and OCD.

As TMS becomes increasingly well-known and more people are aware of the benefits of TMS, the market is growing and business opportunities are expanding. In MagVenture’s e-book, Seven steps to setting up a successful TMS clinic, we share our learnings on getting started in TMS as well as how to avoid costly mistakes.

By adding TMS therapy to your psychiatric practice you can diversify your offerings and future-proof your business. As well as making a real difference in people’s lives by helping them reduce the symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and OCD.

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