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Explore the brain with TMS

Enabling researchers to gain an even deeper understanding of the human brain is just as important now as it was when MagVenture introduced our first TMS device back in 1992. MagVenture has, since the very beginning, engaged in long-term, close collaborations with numerous high-ranking neuroscience research institutions and facilities worldwide, allowing scientists to continuously challenge and push the limits of TMS.
MagVenture offers advanced neuromodulation systems for TMS research. From a turn-key solution for interleaved TMS-fMRI to Magnetic Seizure Therapy, or even TMS on rodents, MagVenture is capable of solving demanding needs from researchers around the world. 


Do you need a solution that allows researchers to investigate the causal relationship between brain activity and behavior by merging functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)? TMS can cause temporary disruptions or improvements in brain activity, while fMRI can identify alterations in blood flow and help to uncover the neural mechanisms associated with specific behaviors and cognitive processes.

TMS Clinical Research

Do you require a solution that encompasses clinical research aimed at examining the effectiveness and safety of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a therapeutic option for different neurological and psychiatric conditions? This research also comprises investigations into the mechanisms responsible for TMS-induced effects, refining TMS parameters, and identifying specific patient subgroups that may derive the most benefit from TMS treatment.

Neuronavigated TMS

Do you need a solution that offers comprehensive tools for planning and visualizing stimulation areas, precise monitoring and recording of subject and coil positions, and automatic capture of data such as MEPs, temperature information, intensity, coil, and stimulator type? Our solution encompasses all of these features and more.

Robotic TMS solutions

Do you require a solution that includes compensation for head motion during transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)? This compensation feature continuously monitors the orientation, position, and contact of the coil with the head and automatically adjusts for any head movements. It helps to improve the consistency of TMS sessions, works seamlessly with MagVenture stimulators and coils, and can be controlled through a neuronavigation system from Localite.

Translational research

Do you require a solution that provides a dedicated TMS coil for animal models, allowing research in various fields, such as (epi)genetics, molecular, metabolic, and biochemical pathways, while overcoming previous challenges related to coil focality, overheating, shape, and size? With its compact size, this TMS coil can fit inside PET or SPECT imaging scanners, enabling high replicability and reliability of results.

Multi-site stimulation

Do you require a solution that provides targeted and strong stimulation by utilizing multiple B35 coils on the head together, thanks to the compact design of the coil? Additionally, various versions of the B35 coil are accessible to meet specific needs.

MEP – Motor evoked potentials

Do you need a solution that utilizes transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to measure motor evoked potentials (MEPs) by inducing a magnetic field in the motor cortex? MEPs can provide valuable information about the connectivity and excitability of the corticospinal tract and may be useful in diagnosing various neurological disorders.

High performance TMS

Do you require a solution that includes MagVenture’s XP Orange Edition – a TMS device that is fully enclosed and delivers over double the power of a standard stimulator, providing 250 pps? The device comes with an integrated coil cooling system, enabling ultra-focal stimulation, and has a practical console design that makes it easy to transport between different labs.

Closed-loop TMS

Do you need a solution that enables clinical TMS researchers to carry out real-time brain state-dependent studies? MagVenture, sync2brain, and Brain Products offer a solution that integrates transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and EEG, detects neurophysiological signals while maintaining data integrity, and synchronizes stimulation with the individual’s brain state for greater accuracy.

If you need to Study human brain functionality in real-time

Interleaved TMS/fMRI

With this complete turnkey TMS/fMRI research solution, it is possible to induce neural activity safely into targeted cortical regions, directly in the MRI scanner. Features of the MagVenture TMS/fMRI solution further include:

  • Special TMS coils for use inside the MRI scanner
  • Reduced RF noise filters and controllers
  • Stimulator-controlled recharge delay and parameters
  • High quality imaging
  • Ability to add inside/inbore neuronavigation

A dedicated 7-channel coil array TMS/fMRI, particularly at the stimulation site, a dedicated 7-channel, ultra-slim RF coil array may be used with both of MagVenture’s MRI coils, further adding:

  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio over a traditional birdcage MRI head coil
  • Enhanced coil position flexibility

If you need a solution for double-blinded TMS studies

Clinical TMS research studies

MagVenture offers a highly flexible solution to address all your requirements for accuracy, reliability, and consistency in clinical research, including also the ability to perform true randomized, double-blinded, multi-center studies. A robotic solution and/or neuronavigation option is available to further enhance the reproducibility of your research.

  • Coils with both active and sham sides (or with only a placebo side)
  • Software for complete study control by study master or principal investigator
  • Patient and operator codes to ensure true double-blinding
  • Sham noise generation
  • Electric masking

Combined with advanced software, neither the operator nor the patient knows who receives real TMS treatment and who receives sham treatment.

If you need high precision and reliability every time

Neuronavigated TMS solutions with Localite

Plan stimulation areas, visualize the stimulation spot, and monitor and record the precise position of the research subject and coil with complete reproducibility. Our turnkey solution provides full integration with MagVenture stimulators, allowing for automatic and easy capture of all required information such as intensity, coil and stimulator type, MEPs, and temperature.

  • Easily scalable: From MR-less to MR-based system with attractive software and hardware
  • Tracking up to 4 coils simultaneously
  • Support for more than 30 MagVenture coils
  • Import of multiple data formats for morphological and functional data
  • Export of stimulation parameters and location as functional image data, in flexible data format

Choose your Localite system:

  • TMS Navigator Classic Line with small or large format camera
  • TMS Navigator MR-compatible Edition for navigated stimulation inside MR scanner
  • TMS Navigator Robotic Edition for automatic and safe coil positioning with Axilum Robotics TMS Robot.

If you need Accurate TMS with motion control and comfort

Robotic TMS solutions with Axilum Robotics

Head motion compensation monitors the coil’s position, orientation, and contact to the head at all times and actively follows any possible head movement during TMS. It ensures a high level of repeatability between TMS sessions, is integrable with MagVenture stimulators and coils, and may be piloted by a neuronavigation system from Localite.

  • Maintains position, orientation, and tilt of TMS coil during session
  • Compensates for potential head motion
  • Integrated contact sensor maintains coil-head contact
  • Enables fully-automated image-guided and predefined stimulation paths when piloted by compatible neuronavigation system
  • Reduces inter-operator variability and eliminates need for coil adjustment during session.

Choose your Axilum system:

  • TMS-Cobot: Smaller system optimized for clinical use.
  • TMS-Robot: High-end robot system for advanced brain research.

If you need a TMS solution for animal model research

Translational research

MagVenture offers a specifically dedicated coil for animal model research. It provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of TMS within a wide range of fields including behavioral, metabolic, (epi) genetics, molecular, and biochemical pathways. This research solution overcomes previously known challenges pertaining to focality, overheating, shape, and size. It provides complete replicability and reliability and, due to the small coil size, it will even fit inside a PET or SPECT imaging scanner.

Want to do research on larger animals?

  • MagVenture offers a range of slightly larger coils which are also suitable for translational research – for example the B35 or MCF-75.
  • The Cool-40 Rat Coil was originally developed with researchers at Antwerp University who were seeking to unravel the mechanism of action for TMS as well as test new paradigms.

If you need to use multiple coils

Multi-site stimulation

The small geometry of the B35 coil enables you to place multiple coils simultaneously on the head providing a focal, yet powerful stimulation. The B35 coil comes in different versions to suit your specific needs.

  • MC-B35
  • Cool-B35
  • Cool B35-HO (with handle turning upwards for easy coil placement)
  • Cool-B35 RO (Robotic edition to be used with the Axilum robot)

Another option is the D-shaped Cool-D50 coil with the stimulation center being placed at the edge of the coil. This allows for alternating stimulation of two centers in the brain only 2-3 cm apart. Smaller circular coils like the MMC-90 coil or MCF-75 coil are also available for less selective stimulation, but still allow for multiple coils to be placed close to one another.

If you need a Classic combination between TMS and EMG

MEP – Motor evoked potentials

TMS is commonly used to measure Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs), which are electrical signals generated by the muscles in response to a TMS pulse.

Some of the main uses of TMS for MEPs include:

  • Assessing the integrity of the corticospinal tract, which is the pathway that connects the brain to the spinal cord and controls voluntary movement
  • Evaluating the function of specific brain regions involved in motor control and coordination
  • Studying the effects of various drugs and therapies on motor function
  • Diagnosing and monitoring neurological disorders, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Planning and monitoring rehabilitation programs for individuals with motor impairments

TMS for MEPs is a valuable tool for both research and clinical applications, allowing for non-invasive assessment of motor function and identification of underlying neurological issues.

If you need more pps and less roll off

Meet MagPro XP

MagVenture’s XP Orange Edition delivers 250 pps, over twice the power of a standard stimulator, exceeding any other available.
It’s the first TMS device bridging the gap between electrophysiological memory models and TMS, using the same brain frequency. The integrated coil cooling system allows for ultra-focal stimulation without coil overheating.
The XP Orange Edition is a fully encased system with a practical console design, making transportation between labs easy.

  • Larger frequency range than standard stimulator
  • Optimized for interleaved TMS/fMRI
  • Flexible operation with movable screen
  • Improved durability


Closed-loop TMS

MagVenture, sync2brain, and Brain Products offer
an advanced solution for clinical TMS researchers
interested in conducting real-time brain statedependent

This solution not only lets you combine TMS and EEG, but the data client also analyzes the brain’s signals and synchronizes the stimulation to the individual brain state. It simultaneously detects high-precision neurophysiological signals from multiple channels without compromising data integrity. It reads in a real-time raw data stream from an EEG amplifier and when a specific EEG pattern is detected, the device indicates this through a standard output port. This enables a connected device to know within milliseconds of accuracy when a specific EEG pattern occurs.

  • Personalized TMS paradigms investigation increases opportunities
  • Targets fluctuating pathology-related states
  • Features phase targeting and amplitude targeting
  • Enables oscillation detection with customizable spatial and frequency band filters
  • EEG/EMG data and markers timing access in Matlab, along with a precise TTL trigger pulse generator


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TMS Research: Explore the brain

MagVenture offers a number of turnkey TMS solutions for a wide range of applications  such as TMS/fMRI, double-blinded clinical research, translational research, robotic and neuronavigated solutions.

TMS Research: Explore the Brain

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MagVenture is proud to collaborate with gold standard companies who share the same values on quality and innovative products to expand the research applications of TMS solutions. These partnerships allow unique TMS solutions that can be tailored to specific research needs. By combining the expertise of these partners, MagVenture can offer advanced, customizable TMS systems that meet the demands of the most challenging research projects. The commitment to collaboration and innovation ensures that researchers have access to the latest and most advanced TMS technology, ultimately helping to advance our understanding of the human brain and improve treatment outcomes for patients with several disorders.


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