Advancing TMS since 1992

May 24th 2023

TMS/EEG research webinar

MagVenture will host a new webinar on June 13th at 4pm together with Sync2brain and Brain Products. This webinar will give TMS researchers an advanced TMS/EEG solution for their brain-state dependent research.

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We share in this section all the knowledge MV has about this technology: webinars, compiled articles, case stories, clinical studies, training courses, etc. Everything that can be shared with the public. We want to share this because we want to help you to take all the potential that TMS can offer.

Articles: top 5 studies

we have this text from Why TMS literature

Case stories

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Training courses

Pure education content not conferences: MV Universe, calendar of trainings, etc. We need a short presentation of this section. More hands on videos, how to use or maintain our equipment.

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