March 21st 2023

FDA clears MagVenture TMS Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System for high-precision, personalized TMS coil positioning in the US

Atlas™ uses the patient’s unique MRI data set for precise, individualized coil positioning to target the exact TMS treatment spots in the brain. Atlas™ streamlines TMS treatments with an automated workflow, creating a consistent procedure with easy repetition over the course of treatment.

By using Electro Magnetic (EM) tracking which eliminates line-of-sight issues, Atlas™ gives the operator greater freedom of movement during TMS treatments. “While the existing MagVenture marking plate system is a reliable method of coil positioning, our Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System offers a more streamlined and sophisticated experience which may contribute to increased confidence in the procedure,” explains Kerry Rome, Senior Vice President at MagVenture Inc.

“Atlas™ uses leading-edge technology from NDI and allows patients to observe a visual representation of their MRI scan combined with real-time tracking of the treatment coil in relation to their head position, so they are more involved in the process.”

“Pulsed Electro Magnetic (EM) tracking, which is used for many types of medical procedures including surgery, allows us to offer this advanced TMS coil positioning technology at a more affordable price than systems using infrared camera tracking. It also has a smaller footprint and is easy to set up which are important parameters for TMS clinics,” concludes Kerry Rome.

For more information, please contact:
Kerry Rome, Senior Vice President, MagVenture Inc.
+1 888 624 7764

For media inquiries, please contact:
Esben Rosenberg, Global Marketing Manager, MagVenture
+45 51465592

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