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MagVenture Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System

High-Precision and accuracy allowing for personalized coil positioning and consistency for MagVenture TMS therapy

Optimized workflow for clinical routine work incl. easy registration, calibration and sensor placement that reduces the manual method with tap and marker pens.

Loads and visualizes individual MRI scans, tissue maps (e.g., gray matter), fMRI activation, and craniotopic facial markers.

No line-of-sight issues and a lower price point compared to optical tracking.

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MagVenture Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System

MagVenture Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System optimizes TMS coil positioning with a time-saving, high-precision workflow that is reliable and easy to use.

Atlas™ uses the patient’s unique MRI data set for very precise, individualized coil positioning – targeting the exact treatment spot and streamlining target acquisition with real-time navigation. With Atlas™, you can feel confident about precise and consistent TMS treatments every time*.

  • High precision and accuracy due to world leading tracking technology from NDI
  • Personalized coil positioning
  • Consistent and easily repeatable coil positioning
  • Patient engagement creates increased confidence in the treatment process
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic (EM) tracking means no line-of-sight issues and a lower price point compared to infrared camera tracking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to set up

Are you ready for high-precision TMS coil positioning? 

Contact us to find out more about how you can optimize your TMS clinic with the MagVenture Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System.

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Online Training Course

MagVenture offers a comprehensive training course for the Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System, ensuring users are fully equipped to use the system effectively.

The training covers all aspects of the Atlas™, including personalized coil positioning, and ensures consistent, accurate results.

Learn more about Atlas

For more detailed information on MagVenture Atlas™ and its features, download our catalogues. Our catalogues provide a comprehensive overview of the system, including its capabilities and specifications. Click here to download our catalogues and learn more about how Atlas™ can benefit your TMS treatments.

Part no. 9017M0011

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Guaranteed consistency and easy repeatability


High precision and accuracy due to world leading tracking technology from NDI


Increased confidence and trust due to higher patient engagement in the treatment process


User-friendly interface

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