Coils, Robot-guided

Cool-B65 CO

Butterfly (figure 8), Active cooling
The Cool-B65 CO coil is designed specifically for use with an Axilum Robotics Cobot system solution. The coil has the same properties as the standard Cool-B65 coil – butterfly-shaped, with active cooling, for focused stimulation and demanding protocols that require a very high number of stimuli. Optimized for high repetition rates and long pulse trains. Cooled by an external Cooler Unit. It has a built in timer and counter indicating the remaining pulses/days. The CO version does not have a trigger switch or LED in the handle.

Stimulator Compatibility

  • MagPro R30
  • MagPro R30 inclusive MagOption
  • MagPro X100
  • MagPro X100 inclusive MagOption

Active cooling

Butterfly shape

Product details

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