June 11th 2024

Best Apps for Psychiatrists

By: MagVenture Staff

Are you a psychiatrist looking for apps to enhance your practice? This article delves into a variety of tailored apps, covering practice management, clinical assessment, meditation, medical updates, and telemedicine. Find what works best for your practice with our top recommended list of psychiatrist apps.

Note: This compilation of publicly available apps is not supported or endorsed by MagVenture.

Practice Management


Epocrates is a medical reference app with functions like drug interaction checkers, pill identifiers, and dosing calculators. The app also appeals to those seeking to earn CME credits. Psychiatrists can choose CME activities from various therapeutic areas and clinical topics offered within the app.

SimplePractice for Clinicians

SimplePractice for Clinicians is a HIPAA-compliant practice management app for medical professionals. Features include telehealth, scheduling, billing, and documentation. This psychiatrist app simplifies such processes to help streamline psychiatric practices.

Merck Manual Professional

Merck Manual Professional is the app version of the world’s best-selling medical textbook. From photos/illustrations of medical conditions, “how to” instructional videos of procedures and examinations, and medical news, Merck Manual provides a wide range of resources for psychiatrists. This app is available in 8 languages.


Psych on Demand

Psych on Demand is a mental health assessment app with over 37 types of psychiatric assessments, all meeting industry-standard mental health screening measures. The app also has “Guided Access” for patients to complete self-administered assessments. In-app purchase of $1.99 is required to access the full version.


MDCalc is a clinical decision support tool offering hundreds of popular clinical calculators supported by evidence-based medicine. Features include generating risk scores, diagnostic criteria, and dosing calculators.


ClinCalc is a medical calculator tool for medical professionals to perform complex calculations. The app helps psychiatrists with scores, scales, and classifications supported with high-quality images. In-app purchase of $5.99 is required to access the full version.



Headspace is a renowned meditation app offering guided meditations, breathing exercises, stress-relief tools, and other mindfulness resources. By integrating mindfulness techniques and meditation exercises into the patient’s treatment, psychiatrists can support and enhance patient outcomes.

Clarity – CBT Thought Diary

Clarity – CBT Thought Diary is a mood tracker app with journaling functions. Features include mood tracking, guided AI journaling, and mental health assessments. Psychiatrists can recommend their patients this app in addition to their treatment, such as for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) purposes.

Medical News / Resources

Medscape app icon


Medscape is your go-to app for free access to the latest medical news, clinical tools, drug and disease information, and more. The app offers a learning platform for psychiatrists, with opportunities to earn CME credit through reading related articles and viewing simulation videos.

Prime PubMed Journal app icon

Prime: PubMed Journals & Tools

Prime: PubMed Journals & Tools (previously Unbound MEDLINE) provides free access to PubMed, the world’s largest biomedical literature database. The app offers a unique interactive search feature called Grapherence, allowing users to explore the influence and interrelationships among journal articles visually.

UpToDate app icon


UpToDate is a clinical decision support resource app with evidence-based information clinicians can rely on at the point of care. Users can choose and read topics from different specialties in the field, such as psychiatry, for in-depth articles. Individual or institutional subscription is required for access.

Psychiatry Prescribing Guide by Maudsley Guidelines app icon

Psychiatry Prescribing Guide by Maudsley Guidelines

Psychiatry Prescribing Guide by Maudsley Guidelines is an evidence-based pocketbook providing up-to-date information and expert guidance on prescribing practice in mental health and augmenting or switching medications. In-app purchase is required to unlock all content.

Telemedicine / Teletherapy

Doximity app icon


Doximity is a telemedicine app curated for physicians working in clinical settings. You can send and receive electronic faxes while you’re on-the-go, securely collaborate with other medical professionals on patient treatment, and call patients from your cell phone while displaying your office number.

Talkspace app icon


Talkspace is a teletherapy app connecting patients with mental health professionals. Once signed up as a prescriber, psychiatrists can provide therapy to patients flexibly with their own schedule. The app also eliminates the hassle of managing insurance-related procedures so prescribers can smoothly navigate the therapy process.

Brightside Health app icon

Brightside Health

Brightside Health is an online therapy platform connecting users with mental health professionals. This psychiatrist app offers unlimited messaging, medication management, and health insurance coverage. Psychiatrists registered on the platform can connect with clients and earn a side income with flexible scheduling.

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