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With a large selection of coils and stimulators and a wealth of accessories to choose from, our diverse product selection is designed to suit your intended use in TMS research, diagnostics, and treatment. All our coils and stimulators are developed, produced, and quality tested in Denmark.

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From products to packages

Multiple combinations

It can be a bit difficult to see through all the product combinations possible. Therefore, we have gathered some of the most typical product packages within different TMS areas that can function as inspiration to you.

Professional advice

Our packages should be used as inspiration for further dialogue with one of our experts. Together, we will find the optimal combination of products for your purpose.

Support and training

As always, when you purchase a MagVenture package, you will gain access to a repository of comprehensive training videos, resources, and support information.

we listen to our customers

Customer-driven product development

At MagVenture our approach to product development is both research-driven and customer-driven.

We develop leading-edge products for use in neuroscience research and clinical therapeutic applications. Because these fields are very much interconnected, many products used and developed in research settings lead directly to new applications or new products that benefit our therapeutic customers.

Customer-driven innovation
Listening to our customers is part of our DNA. We’re proud to say that many of our products have come listening to our customers’ needs and responding to these needs with product innovations.

We translate our customers’ needs into new product requirements which become development projects and eventually new products and product innovations.

Product excellence in neuroscience research and clinical treatment

We understand that our research customers want products that push the boundaries of knowledge about the human brain and body. Equally, our therapeutic customers want leading-edge products for diagnostics and treatment with streamlined, optimized workflows for clinical applications.

We strive to be at the forefront of new technology and collaborate with researchers and research institutions to ensure our products meet their requirements. We actively participate in research projects, responding to challenges and providing solutions.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with product development. The final step in our process is to ensure that our products meets the regulatory standards for safety and effectiveness and get approved for use worldwide. This regulatory approval ensures that our customers can trust and rely on our products for their different TMS applications.

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